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Virii Links

Virus Map
Updating map in real time that graphics the infections produced by computer viruses worldwide.
Virus Heaven
One of the sites with better information on viruses. More than 500 MB with articles, tutorial modules, etc.
Virus Tools
Tools for the creation of viruses (section of the site VX Heaven)
Fred Cohen & Asociated
Strategic Security & Intelligence
Official page of the security company for computer science created by Fred Cohen.
Fred Cohen
Who is in fact Fred Cohen (considered the first author of a computer virus)


Ideas as virus

Viruses of the Mind
In this excellent article, Richard Dawkins explains memes like viruses of the mind, using the detailed example of a computer science virus. He applies the theory to fashions as well as religion, and also gives a list of diverse "symptoms" of a mind infected by a meme.
Hacking Memes
Number of the online magazine First Monday. Excellent panoramic of diffusion and control of memes. It could be considered like certain a manual for activism with memes. It includes connections to many of the most avantgarde Web sites on memes.
Media Virus
"These events in media are not like viruses. They are viruses.” (Media Virus, Douglas Rushkoff, Ballantine Books (1994). A virus is an entity that is not alive, it is a membrane that contains genetic material. The protein membrane of a media virus can be a musical video, an event, an invention, a system of thought, a scientific theory, a sexual scandal, a fashion or a pop figure. Whenever one of these viruses infect somebody, it injects its political program in form of an ideological code in an equivalent form to the genetic code: the meme.
Welcome to Richard Brodie's Home Page
Personal page of the original creator of the Microsoft Word and the book Virus of the mind. With links to his articles and publications.



Fred the Phantom Torso
Fred has no arms. He has no legs. Fred is the Phantom Torso. Underneath the artificial skin of Fred there are real bones...
Real Doll
Welcome to the exciting world of REALDOLL! Since 1996, we have been using the special effects of Hollywood to produce the most realistic love doll of the world.
Los Sims
Will Wright, the creator of the nostalgic and legendary Sim City, invents a new way to see life, or rather, to play with her.